Prescription is an architectural practice founded in 2015 by Grisha Zotov. Based in Amsterdam, Prescription engages in design on both an urban and architectural scale and additionally offers computational consultation services for design professionals. The practice employs a pragmatic, analytical design approach using advanced computational methods to develop projects and processes in which form is function.

Noun. 1. an architectural rule, law or direction that is authoritatively put forward; 2. (design) guidelines prescribed in advance.
Morphology. pre- – prefix. before; script – noun. an executable section of computer code; -ion – suffix. denoting action.

Design Prescription:
1. urban design and planning;
2. architectural design;
3. interior design.

Computational Prescription:
1. program solutions for architectural design;
2. optimisation of façades, landscapes and furnitures;
3. rationalisation of design, production ready;
4. behaviour simulation;
5. complex urban analysis;
6. computational tools and techniques education.
* for design professionals